Monday, January 2, 2017

Gentle Reminder for the First Day of School

Hope you have a well rested and enjoyable weekend!
Please take note of the following on the first day of school (tomorrow):

1. Morning Assembly
Morning assembly will be held at the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH). Report in your school uniform at 7.20 am (3rd Januarytomorrow). Do bring along reading materials for the reading period and a piece of rag for classroom cleaning.

2. Personal Grooming and Attire 
Do ensure good personal grooming and attire.

3. Programme for 3rd January
Please refer to your SST email.

4. Orientation schedule
Please look through the Orientation schedule regularly for updates via your email.  Week 2, normal timetable lessons would resume and induction and workshops would be held in the afternoons. Please note dismissal time for each day. 

5. Submission of forms
Submit Orientation consent forms, medical declaration forms, AUP forms by 3rd January to us.
Ensure that it is signed by your parent.

Thank you and see all of you tomorrow.

Best Regards
FTs of S105

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