Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Joywork (10 January 2017) :

  Joywork (10 Jan 17) :

  1. Math:
    Diagnostic Test is tomorrow. Please bring along a calculator and writing materials.
  2. Science:
    Complete Worksheet 1 and fill in the empty spaces in notes if you have not done so.
    Date due: 11 Jan 17
  3. I & E:
    Define innovation in your own words and select a photo of nature (nothing man-made) and describe how it reminds you of innovation.
    Date due: 13 Jan 17
  4. Science:
    Bring red folder.
  5. ADMT:
    Put all the cut-outs and the worksheet in the ADMT folder and look for more cut-outs if you have less than 5.
  6. Chinese 华文 (for the Chinese students only)
    A 区 实用文 (Email Writing)
    B 区 作文 (Essay)
    C 区 课文讲义 (Textbook additional materials/worksheets)
    D 区 测验/考试 /阅读理解复习(Test,exams and assessments)
    E 区 口试/读报教育 (Oral exam and educational news)
    1月12日 诊断测验 (50 分钟)
    每个星期三都有听写,听写会考11个词语和3 各造句。

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