Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Hello All,


1. Assemble in classroom on Wednesday. Bring 1 childhood photo of yourself. You may wish to take a photo of that childhood photo (so you keep the original) and send it to 2017 S105 Form Class.

2. Bring a rag tomorrow (Wed, 11 Jan). Keep classroom clean. Check around your seating area and return your chair under your desk at the end of lessons. A new whiteboard duster has been labelled. Take the initiative to clean the whiteboard tray into the dustbin.

3. Label your belongings (e.g. water bottle, LD, subjects of your expanding file). 

4. Prepare a simple profile of yourself by typing it out (e.g. use Notes on your phone / LD).

5. Check schedule for the rest of the week. Check that classroom doors are locked before you leave. Take care of your belongings.

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