Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I and E

Dear Classmates,
 Please inform me about who you are working with for the I & E save the dog challenge next week. For those who are done, I have a list below which you can check.
Pair 1:
Dylan and Jonathan
Pair 2:
Razaele and Teck En
Pair 3:
Yan Chen and Yi Hui
Pair 4:
Joshua and Joseph
Pair 5:
Nischita and Madhulika
Lui Leng, Melisha, and Yu Xin
Pair 7:
Ryan Tan and Isaac
Pair 8:
Victor and Me(Akash)
Pair 9:
Joel and Ryan Soh
Pair 10:
Brandon and Sean
Pair 11:
Kai Feng and Yong De
Pair 12:
Arjan and Hao Ren (Ian)
Please remind me to give you the 'save the dog challenge' template tomorrow.
Thank You,

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