Friday, February 17, 2017

IH Level Test Topics

IH level test. the topics tested will be the silk road, and the concept of civilization and the trading connections. it can all be found in the textbook.

for those who did not copy what is going to be tested for the level test, this is what will be tested

1) mcq
   a) there will be 5 mcq questions, they are each worth 1 mark
   b) miss huang will be preparing 20 kahoot questions as revision

2) source based questions(sbq)
   a) there will be 2 questions, they are each worth 5 marks
   b) you must produce 2 PEEs to get the total 5 marks for each question
   c) there will be a source for you to read. you must answer the questions according to the source.
   d) the skill to be tested on is inference
   e) there is 2 sbq questions in a worksheet. you can use it to revise

3)structured essay questions(seq)
   a) there will be 1 seq question
   b) the question is worth 5 marks
   c) you need to use 2 PEEs to get 5 marks
   d) you will need to memorise some information about the silk road trade
   e) the content tested is related to this question "what helped singapore to grow?" :
       1) trade and the need for resources
       2) the need for a strategically located port
       3) revenue/money, strong economy for success

thank you and have a nice day!

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