Thursday, February 16, 2017

Joy work 16-2-17

Joywork 16-2-17
1.Math Complete task 4
2.ADMT: Finish up your poster and hand up by tomorrow, 2 pm
3.LangArts: Do draft 2 of the science fiction essay 
4.MotherTongue: type out draft 2 of your essay
5.Science: revise for your test on Tuesday.

Thank you, if there is anything missing, do write them down in the comments section.
(I have labelled it as joywork)

Gentle Reminder: Those who have not given me your $1 coin, please do so before recess. Thank you.

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  1. Please submit your ADMT files to me by Monday. All your worksheets must be put in your file and complete the 3D drawing. For more information refer to the ADMT google classroom.


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