Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Joyowrk (1 February 2017):

Joywork (1 Feb 17):
  1. Science:
    a. Complete homework 1 on chapter 2.
  2. Math
    a. Complete Math textbook work on foolscap paper (Due Date: 6 Feb 17)
    b. Complete Math Alternative Assessment practice for those who have not completed.
    Upload the video on google classroom (Due today by 23 59)
  3. English (All El work are due on 2 Feb 17)
    a. Do Harrison Bergeron story plot and upload on LA blog.
        (LA blog will be settled and handed up tomorrow)
    b. Annotate Harrison Bergeron
    c. Answer questions on document (found on blendspace)
    d. Upload Pedestrian setting picture on LA blog. (Due today by 5 pm)
  4. Chinese
    a. Complete the worksheet given but do not write out the composition yet.
  5. S & W
    Complete worksheet and submit a picture of the worksheet with the video on google classroom.
  6. Notices:
    Complete handout on 'Getting to know you better'.

    Note to all:

    Please note that Akash, Arjan, Brandon, Yan Chen and Hao Ren will be updating Joywork from tomorrow onwards. Please try to update Joywork as soon as you can so the rest of your classmates can refer to it! Also, please remember to tag 'Joywork' before posting.
    Thanks! :)
    ~Yu Xin

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