Saturday, February 25, 2017

Language Arts

Dear S1-05,

  • Upload your Level Test Practice soft copy docs on this web page by Sunday. Please do not go to other classes' folders.
    Do be reminded that you are still required to print out a hard copy of you Level Test Practice so it can be filed into your LA file at a later date.
    The hard copy is to be attached behind your previous drafts. If you do not have a printer, do email Mrs Jang and let her know if you need any help. Check the email sent by Mrs Jang if you want to know more.
  • Read chapters 1 to 5 of Red Sky In The Morning (short form is RSITM) ahead in preparation for your coming lessons.
  • Do type out your questions for Alice Pung here and remember to bring Alice Pung's books for an autograph!
  • Those who are interested in the Scrabble competition, please come to me after LA level test to give me your contact details.
All the best for your upcoming Level Tests and may all of you pass with flying colours! :)

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