Friday, March 31, 2017

31 March Joywork

-Type out your final copy of the informal letter and submit on Google Classroom

-Complete commonwealth essay if you have not done so (upload into google drive)
-Complete CPIB essay (Hand up in the google drive by this Sunday)
-Pass up your English File for those who have not done so
-Complete page 5 to 8 for the email/letter writing worksheet (don't do writing task) (due next English lesson)

-Do pg 15 and 16 of the Math Ws
-Practice SASMO

-Do science Ws

-Complete the SEQ IH worksheet (What is the life of a modern day Singapore worker like?) (Due next Wednesday)
-Visit war memorial sites etc. for upcoming history project


-Start doing Chinese AA

That's all for today! Have a great weekend and rest well!
(Pls comment if I left out anything)


  1. For ADMT, the drawing of cardboard model on paper should be finished. Just a gentle reminder: Many of you have not brought your ADMT files today. Please remember to bring your ADMT files with your drawing inside. Try to be proactive and responsible and complete your tasks so that you can have a fruitful lesson. Thank you :)

  2. There is a journal that has to be completed for I & E. Refer to google classroom.

  3. Do remember to complete your Science Homework.


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