Monday, March 20, 2017

Joywork (20/3/2017)

Hey Guys,
Just helping as most of you are at the Stadium doing HEATS.


- My Father's Hands. English Comprehension Passage
- RSITM and Shooting an Elephant Questions (For those who have not completed)
* Please refer to Blandspace and Google Classroom respectively for questions.
- RSITM Filming (For some teams which have not completed)


P.S. - If you have completed this in class, you DO NOT need to complete this.

- ADMT SCAMPER Tools Modification.
* Make modifications to your original idea using SCAMPER.

Thanks and have a Fabulous Weekend


Get into your Groups Of 5 and work on the map of SG, etc. Refer to Ms Huang's set of slides for more information.

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