Thursday, March 2, 2017

Joywork 2nd March

Joywork for 2nd March
No homework/Revise for your examinations
(Homework 2 finish after examination)
Workbook, page 15-25 (Due Monday)
Chinese newspaper worksheet (Due Monday)
Chinese 习字 (Due Monday)
Prepare the form for your books for Alice Pung's books (If you are ordering)
Finish the annotation for the Red Sky In The Morning
Please complete your alternative assessment 1 as a late or unfinished paper can deduct 10% (Due Monday)(Hand in tomorrow)
Finish the product design slides, I think.
Try to finish the IRS slides.
Comment anything I left out, Thanks!!!

That's all for today, Fabulous Folks!

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  1. Please remember to finish annotation for RSITM as many have not done it. Also complete your AA package especially the self-editing and peer-editing.


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