Thursday, March 23, 2017

Joywork for 23/3/17

Language Arts:
Complete the English Comprehension OE on "My Father's hands" (Due next Monday)
Complete the second draft for the LT on google doc and upload into google drive (Due on Friday)
Complete commonwealth essay if you have not done so (upload into google drive)
Complete the comparison of Death By Scrabble text & movie.(See the vid and text at blendspace)

Do 4.8 if you want, but not compulsory


Integrated Humanities
Do the SEQ IH worksheet(due on next Monday)

Mother Tongue:
Chinese: Prepare for Chinese AA
Bring Chinese file tomorrow(Friday)




Complete the worksheet on "My family" and pass up if you have not done so

Complete the "develop" section on the google slides by uploading a photo of your SCAMPER improvements on your device.

Organize your Chinese File

That is all for today folks! Please do comment on anything that I have missed out or anything that I have typed incorrectly! Rest well, stay hydrated and have a FABULOUS day! :)

(I'm helping Jonathan since he's not free)


  1. To the whole class, I am deeply sorry that I could upload the homework blog in time as I am quite busy and am also pressured due to my upcoming SYF for drama club and hope you all understand.
    Yours sincerely,
    Jonathan Liew

    1. It's nice to have your friends helping you and as long as arrangements are made it is alright. Thank you Victor for helping out, but remember to tag 'Joywork'!
      Dear Jonathan, all the best for your upcoming SYF competition. Just enjoy yourself in something you like!


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