Friday, March 24, 2017

Joywork for 24 March

-Complete English comprehension on my My Father's Hands (Due on Monday)
-Complete LT 1 corrections by today
-Complete and upload Commonwealth essay on Google Drive
-Complete the comparison between the written text and the movie on Death by Scrabble (Due on Monday)
-Complete CPIB essay (Idk when Due)

-Complete Ws 4.8 if you want

-Do Kinematics Ws

-Do the SEQ Ws

-Finish up the drawing of your model
-Select one of the designs that you would like to make and upload a picture of it
-Plan the measurements of your model
-Bring ADMT file on Monday

-Upload the websites or methods on how to train for the stations you are doing on Google Sheets

Mother Tongue
-Start on Chinese AA video production

Idk pls let me know

Idk pls let me know

Idk pls let me know

Rest well and have a great weekend everyone!
(comment if I made any errors or missed anything out)


  1. The next ADMT lesson would be on Monday. Please remember to bring your ADMT file that day with all your worksheets and drawings for cardboard modelling inside. Take the pictures of the drawing of your ideas. Then draw in the measurements of the idea you have chosen and take a picture of it. Upload these pictures on your respective set of slides. Also upload the pictures of your cardboard models if you had not done so. Do remember to improve on your set of slides. Please complete these and have a great weekend ahead. Rest well!

  2. As for Transportation Science, remember to try question 4 of transportation science Kinematics notes and finish homework 1 for Kinematics

  3. For CE, we have to finish the small piece of paper we have been given at the end of the lesson.


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