Monday, March 27, 2017

Joywork for 27th March 2017

Hihi people
Today's homework is as follows:

Language Arts:

-File Everything which is completed into LA File, hand in tomorrow
-Remember to do Death by Scrabble comparison between book and movie
-Basically finish everything else, every annotation etc. which is undone
-Do CPIB Essay, due Sunday.
-Reminder for Level Test online submission of corrections.


-Do WS 4.8 if you want. (Optional)


-Do Kinematics Homework, skip one of the questions I forgot.


-Reminder to upload videos and stuff onto Google classroom and update
-Reminder to list down activities for NAPFA test and how to do them on Google Docs.


For those who did not do, please do the IH essay to hand in on Wednesday.

Mother Tongue:

Chinese: Remember to study for tomorrow's Spelling Test (听写)

Other subjects please either remember or update me as this would probably be the last update. Thanks.

Thank you people and have a good day ahead.
From Razaele.


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