Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Joywork on Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Language Arts:
The project of the skit of Red Sky In The Morning  (Due on Wednesday)


Revise for the Math level test (Tomorrow)
Complete these if you have not done so:
Math LT 2014
Math LT 2015
Math LT 2016
Math FMMS E-O-Y examination

Math LT 2013


Revise for the Science level test (Friday)

Integrated Humanities / Integrated research Studies:

IRS Project about the environmental issue of Singapore ( Due in around 6 months)

Mother Tongue:

Tamil: Practices in the workbook. Page 40-50. (Due IDK but best Thursday.)

Punjabi: NIL

Chinese: 习字 for the words of Unit 2.5 (Due: Next Monday)

Complete page 15 to 21 of the Chinese 活动本 ( Due: Tomorrow (I think))

Hindi: IDK 
(Hindi students please tell me in the comments below)


-Make sure to revise for the remaining level tests (Thursday: Mathematics, Friday: Science)

That is all for today folks! Please do comment on anything that I have missed out or anything that I have typed incorrectly! Prepare for your remaining level tests, rest well, stay hydrated and have a FABULOUS day! :)


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