Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Joywork on Wednesday, 29 March

Language Arts:
Complete commonwealth essay if you have not done so (upload into google drive)
Complete CPIB essay (Hand up in the google drive by this Sunday)
Pass up your English File for those who have not done so (ASAP)
Complete page 5 to 8 for the email/letter writing worksheet (don't do writing task) (due next English lesson)


Practice SASMO


Complete Activity 1 of the Kinematics Worksheet (the graph) (due Tomorrow I think)

Integrated Humanities / Integrated research Studies:
Complete the SEQ IH worksheet ( What is the life of a modern day Singapore worker like?) (Due next Wednesday)

Mother Tongue:
Tamil: IDK ( Tamil students please tell me in the comments below)

IDK ( Punjabi students please tell me in the comments below)

-Complete the Chinese Homework Book page 15 to 25 if you have not done so
-Do the Chinese AA 
-Complete the email writing on the email foolscap (by tomorrow)

Hindi: IDK (Hindi students please tell me in the comments below)

Complete the worksheet on "My family" and pass up if you have not done so
Complete the "develop" section on the google slides by uploading a photo of your SCAMPER improvements on your device.


That is all for today folks! Please do comment on anything that I have missed out or anything that I have typed incorrectly! Rest well, stay hydrated and have a FABULOUS day! :)

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  1. thanks and are you sure there is another tea appreciation?


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