Thursday, April 13, 2017

13 April Joywork

Finish your Math file and submit it if you have not done so.

Language Arts:
Do your Queens commonwealth essay, download it into pdf format and submit it into the folder. Do oral by 24 April 2017 6.00p.m..

Finish the two graphs and Dynamics Homework 1 if you have not done so. The other Science Worksheet given out today.

Mother Tongue:
If you scored below 10 for email writing,  rewrite and hand in next Tuesday. Finish your Chinese AA video and hand it up by today 8pm. 

Do the 3 compositions.
Try to finish up your product by this week.

Finish iMovie by next Monday.

Have a great weekend ahead. If I miss out anything, inform me in the Joywork group if I miss out anything.

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