Thursday, April 6, 2017

6 April Joywork

Joywork on Wednesday, 29 March

Language Arts:

-Visual text 1 and 2. Please use the 5 elements and PACC. (Due 11/4)
-Find a visual text and analyse it. (Due 11/4)



-Bring 2 sheets of Graph paper
-Forces Homework 1 (Due 13/4)
-Kinematics Homework 3 (13/4)

Integrated Humanities / Integrated research Studies:

Mother Tongue:
Tamil: IDK ( Tamil students please tell me in the comments below)

IDK ( Punjabi students please tell me in the comments below)

Chinese: Chinese AA

Hindi: IDK (Hindi students please tell me in the comments below)
Complete the "develop" section on the google slides by uploading a photo of your SCAMPER improvements on your device.

There is heats tomorrow. If you are part of the heats, please bring your own S&W shirt. 
Also, there is no transport provided by the school to the PESTA Stadium. Please go there
by yourself.

That is all for today folks! Please do comment on anything that I have missed out or anything that I have typed incorrectly! Rest well, stay hydrated and have a FABULOUS day! :)


  1. there is the IH worksheet about immigrant life

  2. Also remember to ready your file for Mathematics and History.


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