Friday, April 28, 2017

Joywork (28 April 2017) :

Joywork (28 April 17) :

  1. English:
    a. Complete Language Arts Common Test Practice Paper
    b. Update Yu Xin on the marks for Homework Monitoring Sheets
    c. File worksheets in your English file
  2. Mathematics:
    a. Check your answers for the worksheet Mr Lim gave out during lesson time. Answers are on Google Classroom
    b. File Math Worksheets in your Math file (you should have it with you already!)
  3. Integrated Humanities
    a. Inform Ms Huang if you want to meet her for help in history revision.
  4. Chinese:
    a. Complete your Email Letter Writing by this coming Tuesday. (for those who have not handed up)
  5. Notices:
    a. Completed all filing by Term 3 Week 1
    b. Start your revision (but do not stay up too late)
    c. Drink water!
        i. Too many people are under the weather, getting the flu bug. Please stay hydrated as examinations are coming up! (not to mention, skipping it is not really that helpful to your report book)
        ii. NAPFA 2.4km run is coming Tuesday! Be physically (and mentally) prepared for this.

    Do inform me in the comments if there is anything I am missing out!
    (Sean/Yi Hui are unable to update today, so I am helping out.)
    Those who have updated/helped update the blog diligently thanks so much! :D


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