Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mathematics common test

S1 Mathematics Common Test

Dear classmates,

Please find the information on your Common Test below.
Date:     8 May 2017, Monday
Duration:     1 hour 30 minutes
Score:     60 marks 
Format:     Paper 1

- Attempt all questions.
- The calculator is allowed for this paper unless specified.
Write all answers on the question paper. Writing paper will not be provided.

The following topics will be covered for the Common Test:

Chapter 1    :    Primes, HCF & LCM
Chapter 2:    Real Numbers
Chapter 3    :    Approximation & Estimation
Chapter 4:    Algebra – simplification, expansion and algebraic fractions
                          Algebraic Factorisation
                          Linear Equation and Formula
                      Simple Linear Inequalities
SelfLearning: Learning : Percentages, Ratio, Rate and Speed, Financial arithmetic

You are to bring along the following resources on the day of examination.
- Stationery
- Calculator (with SST sticker)

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