Monday, May 22, 2017

June Holiday Joywork

June Holiday Joywork:

- Read the whole Geography textbook
- Do the Geography iBook
- Know what to bring and do on the first day of Geography lessons to prevent excessive time wastage on scolding people (Please check ERS/Geography Classroom for more information)
- Keep yourselves updated by checking the Geography Classroom

Language Arts:
- 3 Worksheets to be completed (Comprehension, Editing and Writing)

- June holiday engagement worksheet
- Plotting a straight line graph worksheet

- AA2 (Chinese storybook required, please refer to handout for more information)
Note that you are to submit the first draft by 26 June 2017 (instead of 30 June 2017, as stated on the handout)

- AA (due on 27 June 2017)

Administrative Matters
- For students going for GCP in Semester 2
Outgoing trip dates: 6 November 2017 to 12 November 2017
Do keep the above dates in mind when you are planning your family trip for year end.

This may be updated soon when more information on other homework comes in. 
For now, do look forward to Open House 2017 and Service Learning!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Joywork, 17th May 2017

Hihi guys
Gotta keep that joywork lists up and going
I will be doing today's simple assignment list.


-Please finish your CoL Presentation slides and also finish the script. Tomorrow is Dry Run.
-Finish the video (for those who have not finished) on Kindness to Google Classroom.



-Prepare for Geog PT iBook, being sent out soon.
-Remember to start reading your Textbook on Geog.


-Finish worksheet 9.1 (Alone, no LD)
-Finish worksheet 9.2 (Desmos may be needed) Please note that last graph is drawn Science style.
-Finish worksheet 9.3 (Desmos most likely needed)
All of these may not be due soon, but prepare for June Holiday Joywork anyway.

Mother Tongue:

Chinese: Prepare for AA2, borrow your books. Make sure it has at least 3 characters in it to do a Brochure.

Other Mother Tongues please Comment down below so that your classmates can read.

Language Arts:

-Tomorrow you need to finish (in class) your CT Essay Draft 2.

Thats all famses
cya and remember,


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Special Timetable

Hihi peeps

The special timetable on Monday to Wednesday next week for checking scripts is out.
Do check the Google Site for the pdf.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Joywork For 5/5/17

Joywork for 5/5/17

study for Science and Math Paper

pls do not stay up late and study

Remember to come to school in uniform on Tuesday.

Thank you and gd luck for Common Test

Thursday, May 4, 2017

2017 School Parent Meeting (SPM) & Career Day @ SST

Dear Students,

Gentle Reminder to help your parents to sign up for the School Parent Meeting.
Please check the schedule of your parents and help them sign up.
The Link is as follow:

For the Programme Highlight of that day, you may refer to this link:

Thank you.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

joywork 3 may

joywork 3 may

study for tmrs mother tongue paper.

pls do not burn the midnight oil

and pls do not countdown the amount of seconds left until the end of the exam.

thank you and study hard

Joywork 3 May 2017

Language Arts:

If you did not do 实用文三 and/or 作文四,do and hand in after exams



Please study for your common test

This week,
Thursday: Mother Tongue
Friday: Integrated Humanities

Next week,
Monday: Mathematics
Tuesday: Science

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Hi, Brand new month brand new blog roster, I will be taking over for Tuesday this month;)

There are not much joy work as it is exam period so I will give you some tips for Studying and how to study for each Subject

Some Basic Tips
1. Stay Hydrated
2. If you feel fatigued rest DO NOT burn the midnight oil
3. Manage your time well

I know these are easier said tan done but do try to do it.


Do and Mark your common test practice
Look through your EL File and Revise on your weak points
Do up the Editing Assessment Book that Mrs Jang Recommended

Finish your Common Test Practice and mark (Approach me or any classmates who took down the answer key if you do not have it.
Look through your MATH File and Revise on your weak points

Read through the GOOD WORDS AND PHRASES booklet given by Mdm Yeo
Revise both your Quizlet Handouts and TextBook

Read your Science Red File for BOTH Health Sci and Transportation Science

Look through your History File and Revise on your weak points

Thank you For Your Precious Time
-Ryan Tan

Monday, May 1, 2017

Chinese Common Test

Approved Dictionary List:

2017 年中一快捷 第一学期分数
CA1 分数(占全年20%) 
1) 年级测验(40分) 占全年10%
2) 专题作业Alternative Assessement (100分) 占全年10%

SA1分数 (统一测验) 占全年20%
统一测验(Common Test) 考试项目:
试卷格式 统一测验包括下列三个试卷: 
1. 试卷一:写作 2小时 60分/40% of SA1
这份试卷包括实用文和作文两部分。考生在写作时,可以使用 考评局规定的词典。

考生可以从两道试题中任选一题,字数在 150 以上。考生可以根 据所提供的电邮内容,写一个回复电邮。 
考生可以从两道试题中任选一题,字数在 300 以上。考查的文 体包括情境记叙文。

2. 试卷二:语文理解与应用 1小时30分 70分/45% of SA1 
这份试卷考查的项目包括:综合填空、阅读理解(一)和阅读理解(二), 共有 30 道题目。 
第一部分:综合填空 考生根据所提供的短文内容和上下文的意思,选出最适当的答 案。请学课文的词语。(单元1、2、3)

考生根据所提供的 3 至 4 个实用性语料或短文的内容,选出最适 当的答案。考查技能:单元1、2、3 
考生根据所提供的 2 至 3 个短文的内容回答问题。考查技能:单元1、2、3 

2.4 试卷三:听力理解 约35分钟 20分/15% of SA 1