Monday, June 26, 2017

Back to School!

Dear S105,

School's back! I know you think it's a bit too soon, but we have to keep learning. We have a new timetable for Term 3 (attached below).

I hope you have done all your homework, as some teachers gave specific instructions on what you are to do tomorrow. Try to keep the homework submission rate at 100% (all of you!!). 

S&W lessons have changed and are now on Thursdays and Fridays. Remember to come in your S&W attire on Thursday and Friday and bring your uniform!

As Madhulika mentioned, ADMT is on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please bring your ADMT files.

Our Science teacher has also changed (I am not sure who it is yet), so please give him/her a good impression of our class okay?

IH has changed from History (taught by Ms Huang) to Geography (taught by Ms Low). Some seniors said that she would be able to help us score in Geography, but you would have to put in effort yourselves. Please be punctual and move quickly from the previous lesson to the next. Our Geography lessons happen to be after lessons that are not held in the classrooms.

Seating arrangements will change from tomorrow or perhaps on Wednesday when there are form/co-form teacher periods. If the seating arrangements are not specified in time for English tomorrow, maybe just stick to the register order one on the last day of school.

Temperature taking is on Thursday, so do bring your thermometer.

Lastly, for those who have not read Mdm Yeo's message on the ERS chat, here it is:

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Hi all..
Good Morning! ☀ 
Hope u had a restful hols.. 🎀
Do finished your holiday joywork over the next few days. Don't burn midnight oil, you still have about 60 hours to finish them. We will not wish to see 🐼🐼🐼amongst us on Tuesday. Try to retune your body alarm by sleeping early and waking up early! 🌻

Pls note summary of events for T3W1 for your quick reference. 

Tues morning assembly in ISH 
- Youth Day appeal by Mr Seth Tan
- we have a new seating plan. EXCO will assist in getting the class to sit according to the plan. Plan will be given on Tues Morning.

Wed - FT time report to classroom. 

Thursday - temp taking exercise in classroom. Pls be reminded to bring thermometer. 

Friday - 987 talk on cyber bullying during assembly. Listen out to the venue during morning assembly. 

Thank you.

That's all I have to notify all of you for now. See you all tomorrow!

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