Thursday, June 29, 2017

Joywork (29 June 17)

Joywork (29 June 2017):

1. Chinese
- 活动本 Pg 49-52

2. English
- Identifying text structure #1 Worksheet (Due on coming Tuesday)
- Write a paragraph of reflection in your notebook and include the date: What have you learnt in today's lesson (about expository text) (Due on coming Tuesday)
- Annotate Reading 1- refer to Blendspace tile#3. Be detailed. (Due on coming Tuesday)

3. Science
- Do the 6 questions in notes under "Check Your Learning" on page 5 and page 6 (Due on coming Thursday)

4. Geography
- Slides (Due tomorrow)

5. Mathmatics
- Worksheet 9.4 (Due tomorrow)

6. Notices
- Temperature taking is tomorrow. Please bring your thermometer and report to the classroom.

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