Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dear S1-05,
    1)English Language:
-Presentations on the Topics assigned to Your Group
Due Date:Monday,17 July 2017
-Reading Journal(Ensure You have Three Reading Journals in total)
Due Date:Monday,17 July 2017
2)Mathematics-Finish WorkSheet 10.4,10.5,Summative Assessment and the Geometry WorkSheet if You have not done so
Due Date:Tuesday,18 July 2017
3)Science-Dichotomous Key on Your Slide in the Google Slides
Due Date:Today,14 July 2017
4)Geography-Complete the Slides by uploading the Pictures You have to take of Your Group's assigned location
Due Date:Tuesday,18 July 2017

i apologise for the delay and  the inconvenience caused.Have rejuvenating weekend ahead!

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  1. For geography, please remember to complete the summary part of the Chapter 3 slides


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