Friday, July 7, 2017

Joy Work-7 July 2017

Joy Work-7 July 2017

Homework                                            Due Date:
Mathematics:                                          11 July 2017,Tuesday              

Complete WorkSheet 10.2
Complete Corrections

English Language:                                  10 July 2017,Monday
Look through the Language Arts
and IRS PT handout given out today.

Complete the Slides by inserting the
Paul's Wheel of Reasoning and Venn
Diagram for two articles from the
website stated on BlendSpace Tile 17.
Complete it with Your pair(person
sitting behind You.)
Add information from the                      10 July 2017,Monday                
Slides onto Your iBook

Complete the Slides by doing the            10 July 2017,Monday
Dichotomous Key

If I have missed out on anything do post a comment below to let me know.Please also state the Chinese Homework if there is any so that I can edit this post by adding in the Chinese Homework.
Have a rejuvenating weekend and rest well.

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