Thursday, July 13, 2017

Joywork (13 July 2017)

Joywork (13 July 2017):

1. Mathematics:
- Geometrical Constructions worksheet 1 (Due on coming Tuesday/Next Math lesson)
- Geometrical Constructions worksheet 2 (for the crazy fast ones)

2. Chinese:
- 活动本 Part 4 (Due on coming Tuesday)
- 实用文4 (Due on coming Tuesday)
- Chinese AA (Due tomorrow)

3. Language Arts:
- Complete the piktochart (scribes) and submit to the folder Mrs Jang shared with you (Due tomorrow)

4 Science:
- Start on Science Performance Task. Due date to be confirmed.

5. I&E:
- Complete I&E Performance Task (Due tomorrow 5pm!)

6. Geography:
- Complete the shared slides with pictures taken at the given locations.

7. Notices:
Tomorrow is Congress Day! Please bring along a storybook (for morning reading) and a pen. Your LD is not required. Come in school uniform. See you all tomorrow!

I offer you my sincere apologies that the class blog is updated so late...


  1. you forgot i and e and chinese aa is due tmr

  2. For geography i think we are supposed to take some photos of the plants and animals of the assigned area in SST?

    1. Yes, we are supposed do that and to complete the slides, as a group that she had shared with us


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