Thursday, July 20, 2017

Joywork (20 July 2017)

Joywork (20 July 2017):

Here's a longer list of work! I got Madhulika to help my update it first just in case I would be too late.

1. Chinese
- 明天的听写请做好准备

2. English
- Complete the binge eating worksheet (now answer in the worksheet)
- Ensure that all 5 Reading Journal Reflections are done by tomorrow
- Please collect your English files and rework on them if required. Some common things not done properly include ticking your contents page, printing and putting in your contents page, better annotations and missing worksheets.

3. Science
- For those who have not completed the Science Biodiversity worksheet, get it done by tomorrow

4. Math
- Complete the worksheet on graphs
- Complete the worksheets on angles if you have received it

Have a great week ahead! :D

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