Thursday, July 6, 2017

Joywork (6 July 2017)

Joywork (6 July 2017):

1. Chinese:
- 明天听写,记得学哦!

2. English:
- Pair work: Venn Diagram and answering questions on Paul's wheel of analysis. The topic is the Success Stories of two of students (choose by yourself).
- The three people who have not submitted their English files, please do so by tomorrow!

3. Science:
- Do revise your science frequently as there may be upcoming pop quizzes.
- Complete all questions on page 13 if you have not done so. Answers are in Google Classroom.
- Work on Dichotomous Key and Paired Statements on Google Classroom

- Work on your 3M Project with your group.

5. Mathematics
- Complete worksheet 10.1

That's all :D
One more day to a lovely Friday!


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