Tuesday, August 15, 2017

15 August HW


-  Reading Journal #7 (overdue)

-  Reading Journal #8 (due next Monday)

-  group Review for IDPT  (due Friday) Please remind your group leaders to submit Punctually.

- For those who have not completed the Lexile reading test, please do it ASAP



- Please do the math map thing... (about finding the area of some buildings?)

- Ws. 12.2  is due tomorrow

-  Work on your Maty AA which is due next Friday


- Do the recording of the《望子成龙》oral video (please inform me if there is anything else)


- For the remaining groups, please complete the Kahoot! by this Wednesday


- Complete your slides on your country research case study


- From today onward, ADMT lesson shall be held in the classroom

Please inform me if I missed anything,  I did not come to school today so this might not be complete.

Thanks, Yan Chen for posting a preview post.

Geography paper: 16 August 2018
Science paper: 17 August 2017
Math paper: 18 August 2017

Good luck peeps!

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  1. For math, please complete your corrections for the worksheets given out today


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