Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Holiday HW

I wanna have this job too ;)


Language Arts:
- Do Task 2 of the Situational Writing
- Do the Reading Journal for Narrative Story Writing (#10) and IN Special Edition (#11)
- SSP Students, please do anticipate an email from Mrs Jang on Holiday HW or Holiday SSP.

- Finish up correction for Math LT2
- Do 3 worksheets:
   1. Assignment 15.1 on Direct and inverse proportions
   2. Homework for Number Patterns
   3. Another worksheet for Direct and Inverse Proportions

- Do the revision worksheet given. NOTE: Please DO read your NOTES before doing the revision assignment.
- Finish up 2016 EOY for Health Science (NOTES)

- Complete your iBook (Due date: 10 September 2017)

- Remaining group please present next IRS session

- Finish up INDIVIDUAL CPS Report, due 1st of September
- Prepare as a GROUP for Presentation (Physical model/App/Application needed) on T4W1 - 2.

Mother Tongue:
- Do WB 1B 作业 6, pages 16-29.

For Other mother tongues, please leave your Holiday HW in the comments section below.

- S&W: Duty Team (Team D) please do prepare your statistician and journalist for the upcoming S&W session after the holidays. Keep fit. For the coaches, plan early what the team will be doing for the next session (warmups, drills etc.)

Things to note for EOYs:
-Paper 1 is Writing (70m) - Editing, Situational Writing and Continuous Writing.
-Paper 2 is mainly Comprehension
-Paper 3 is Listening Comprehension
-Paper 4 has been completed (Poetry Recitation)

-Paper 1 is Writing
-Paper 2 is mainly 阅读理解 with a little bit of 短文填空。
-Paper 3 consists of Listening (听力)and Oral (口试), which has been completed.
You may not bring your E-Dictionary for Papers 2 and 3.

Integrated Humanities 
1. Data Response Questions (e.g. climograph, tables, graphs etc)

2. Tropical Rainforest
- What is deforestation
- Causes of deforestation
- Impacts of deforestation
- Measures to manage rate of deforestation (including successes and challenges)

3. Energy Resources
- Types of energy resources (renewable and non-renewable)
- Uses of energy
- Environmental impacts of using fossil fuel
- Energy Crisis (Causes)

Do revise these topics over the September Holidays!

-All 3 topics (Health Science, Transportation Science and Environmental Science) will be tested.
-Please read your notes (and homework for ENV Sci) to study for EOY.
-Actual breakdown of marks has not yet been revealed.

That's all mai fam
Have a restful September holiday, and have some fun! Everyone deserves a break. Remember to take a break from games and study for EOY every now and then ;)

P.S. Please do tell me in the comments if I missed anything else :D


  1. Do remember to do your video recording for your English IDPT project by this Monday.

  2. Tamil
    1. Finish paper 8
    2. Do your filing
    3. Finish the composition given

  3. For the science worksheet, complete at least 3 practices (parts of the worksheet) by T4W2. Thanks!


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