Friday, August 11, 2017

Joywork (11 August 2017)

Joywork (11 August 2017):

1. English
- Reading Journal #7 should be already done, with annotation on the given text. If you have not done so, please get it done by the next English lesson.

2. Geography (Integrated Humanities)
- Please complete your skit script or Kahoot! by 14 August, Friday so you can present to your classmates

3. Interdisciplinary Research Studies (IRS)
- Please complete the worksheet Ms Huang given out
- Complete your presentation slides or documents for your country research case study by 14 August, Monday

4. Mathematics
- Please complete the questions on the math map
- Assignment 12.2 is due on 15 August, Tuesday
- Math AA is due Friday 25 August 2017, Term 3 Week 9, 2359 hours! Do hurry up and work on it.

Level Tests are next week! The schedule is, in order,

Mother Tongue Language — 15 August, Tuesday

Geography — 16 August, Wednesday

Science — 17 August, Thursday

Mathematics — 18 August, Friday

Enjoy your revision!

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