Monday, August 14, 2017

Joywork for 14 August

1) English
- Complete Reading Journal #8 by next Monday
- Work on your group Review for your IDPT
- For those who have not completed the Lexile reading test, please do it ASAP

2) Mathematics
- Please do the math map thing... (about finding the area of some buildings?)
- Ws. 12.2  is due tomorrow
- Please work on your Maty AA which is due next Friday

3) Chinese
- Do the recording of the《望子成龙》oral video

4) Geography
- For the remaining groups, please complete the Kahoot! by this Wednesday

5) IRS
- Complete your slides on your country research case study ASAP

Remember to revise for your Mother Tongue Paper tomorrow, but please don't burn the midnight oil and rest early!

(please comment below if I missed anything out!)

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