Wednesday, August 16, 2017


16 August 2017


⚜Reading Journal 7 (Overdue)
⚜Reading Journal 8 (Due next Monday)
⚜Group Review [IDPT] (Due on Friday) ~ Remind your leaders to submit it
⚜For the Lexile Test, Akash, Kai Feng, Yong De, Yi Hui, Sean, Ryan Tan, Ryan Soh, Isaac and Dylan, please complete it As Soon As Possible (Overdue) Others, please remind them to complete it.


⚜Complete WS 12.2 ( Due Possibly Tomorrow, don't risk it c; ) 
⚜Math AA (Due next Friday)


⚜Study your oral, it's next Tuesday ;OOO


⚜Animate your name on Keynote (Due next lesson)


⚜Take pictures of the front of your house, and estimate the height of it. Post it on Google Classroom. (Due next lesson)

There's only 2 LT2 left, study to the fullest possible. Do not burn the midnight oil.

Write the stuff I miss out below.


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