Friday, September 15, 2017

15 September Homework

So sorry guys for posting the joywork so late! Here is the joywork for the weekend.

1) For those who have not finished the Reading Journals, please complete them ASAP
2) For those who have participated in the Queen's Commonwealth Essay, please go check out your result and put it on the blog (btw they will not send you an email. You will have to go to the website and check it out)
3) Please complete the Pond Star eyewitness report by Monday
4) Please upload the document on the ACS(I) fight into the google drive which Yu Xin has shared to you

1) Complete the EOY Exam Paper by next lesson (I think)
2) Complete Worksheet 15.1
3) Complete the worksheet on Direct proportions

1) Complete the revision worksheet on Transportation Science
2) Complete the Past Year Paper on Health Science

1) Please complete the Past Year EOY Paper

1) Complete the worksheet on Deforestation (by Wednesday)

1) Due date for your iBook and slides is this Friday

1) Please finish up your Design Journal for your ADMT 3M Project.
2) Finish up your animated infographics

1) Please finalise your slides for the group presentation for your CPS
2) If you have not finished the feedback form for the EE Camp, please complete it over the weekend

For those interested in signing up for the Leadership Boards, please complete both the hardcopy and soft copy form by this MONDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER (late submissions will not be entertained)! Please place the hard copy forms in the box in the General Office.

Once again, I apologise for uploading the blog so late. Have a great weekend ahead and rest well!
(do comment if I left anything out)

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