Friday, September 29, 2017

29 September Joywork

• Please submit your English files if you have not... (it's heavily overdue!)
• Complete Section B of the comprehension
• Do the practice listening comprehension on Google Classroom

• Math 2015 Paper 2
• Math 2016 Paper 1
• Math 2016 Paper 2
• FMSS Paper 1
• FMSS Paper 2
• HIHS Paper
• CGS Paper

• 作文六 (交给 Lui Leng)

• Revise Physical Science, Ms Teo will go through the paper on Monday

• Finish the Geography revision worksheet by Monday

• Finish the I&E Bazaar proposal by today

• Please upload the videos taken on Google Classroom

That's all for today! This is the last stretch of your Secondary 1 exams, so please study hard! Remember to keep yourself hydrated so that you won't fall sick!

(pls comment below if I left out anything)

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