Monday, September 18, 2017

Joywork - 18th September 2017

Hello guys
Pls submit your Student Leader Selection Form in the box by latest 3pm today.

Language Arts:
- Listening Comprehension 2015 Paper. Mrs Jang should send us the tracks to listen to.

- Finish Direct/Inverse Proportions Assignment (Holiday HW)
- Finish Number Patterns Group Work and Number Patterns Assignment

- Start your revision, all 3 Science topics will be tested in EOY!
- Complete 2016 Health Science EOY and Revision WS for Physics

- For those who have not received, please do the Geography worksheet (Q1 being on Soybean Production)

- Please submit the IRS Performance Task (country case study, iBook and Google Slides set) by latest 22 September 2017. Ms Huang has sent an email regarding this.

- Duty Team (Team D) please prepare your statistician skills and stuff, Thursday is next S&W lesson. For more details, please go to the slides Mr Tan sent us.

Mother Tongue:
- 2016 EOY Examination Paper 2

- 16 Days to EOY!
- Please start your revision. EOY Topics should have been posted up in GC. If not, here are the details..
- Tick your revision paper.

Things to note for EOYs:
-Paper 1 is Writing (70m) - Editing, Situational Writing and Continuous Writing.
-Paper 2 is mainly Comprehension
-Paper 3 is Listening Comprehension
-Paper 4 has been completed (Poetry Recitation)

-Paper 1 is Writing
-Paper 2 is mainly 阅读理解 with a little bit of 短文填空。
-Paper 3 consists of Listening (听力)and Oral (口试), which has been completed.
You may not bring your E-Dictionary for Papers 2 and 3.

Integrated Humanities (Geography) 
1. Data Response Questions (e.g. climograph, tables, graphs etc)

2. Tropical Rainforest
- What is deforestation
- Causes of deforestation
- Impacts of deforestation
- Measures to manage rate of deforestation (including successes and challenges)

3. Energy Resources
- Types of energy resources (renewable and non-renewable)
- Uses of energy
- Environmental impacts of using fossil fuel
- Energy Crisis (Causes)

-All 3 topics (Health Science, Transportation Science and Environmental Science) will be tested.
-Please read your notes (and homework for ENV Sci) to study for EOY.
-Actual breakdown of marks has not yet been revealed.


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