Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Joywork on 20th September, 2017

Woopsies! Sorry guys I have not posted the classblog until now. Here is the joywork for today!!!

-Reading Journal. If you have not done any of the reading journals, please do it ASAP. The latest one is the 21 tips to get more marks in Reading comprehension passage.
-Do the English comprehension practice paper, section B only, by next lesson which is tomorrow.- Filing. Please do your filing, make sure the reading practices are annotated and get ready to submit it to Ms Jang by tomorrow.

-Do Math 2015 EOY Paper 2, then 2016 paper 1, then 2016 EOY Paper 2, then the online papers (depending on how much you want to prepare yourself)

-Please complete the Transportation homework by tomorrow, as a physics teacher would most likely go through the answers tomorrow.

-Do the chinese compo by friday. Try not to procastinate.
Other mother tongue languages, please comment below what the joywork is today!

-Your should have submitted your group's Environmental issues Ibook, infographics and country case study already...if you havent... do it?

-Complete the geography 2017 EOY revision assignment (the energy part- Q6 & 7) by Friday (I think?)-When you are free, you can do summary tables of deforestation and energy crisis(optional but recommended).

Congratulations to those who received achievements for the 3m InnoScience Challenge!

S and W:
-(To the coaches of the handball match tomorrow) Please get ready your handout and bring it tomorrow!
Handball match tomorrow guys! Be prepared :)

That all for the Joywork (I think). Stay hydrated, get lots of sleep and revise!!
QOTW: Stressed spelled backwards says desserts -someone

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