Thursday, September 21, 2017

Joywork on 21 September

Language Arts
Finish annotation and Reading Journal for latest reading (21 Tips to get more marks in Reading comprehension passage)
Finish Listening Comprehension, all clips available in Classroom. (Do on your own)

Finish corrections for EOY Practice paper 2 (2015)
(If you want) Finish EOY Practice paper 1 (2016)

Mother Tongue
Fill in information for Composition 6 in the Google Sheets

Sports and Wellness
Fill in the reflection and others for the booklet.

Please submit the IRS Performance Task (country case study, iBook and Google Slides set) by latest 22 September 2017. Ms Huang has sent an email regarding this

Tomorrow is the next match of S&W! Rest well and stay hydrated!
Read the rules and the scores here:
Or scores only at:

Things to note for EOYs:
-Paper 1 is Writing (70m) - Editing, Situational Writing and Continuous Writing.
-Paper 2 is mainly Comprehension
-Paper 3 is Listening Comprehension
-Paper 4 has been completed (Poetry Recitation)

-Paper 1 is Writing
-Paper 2 is mainly 阅读理解 with a little bit of 短文填空。
-Paper 3 consists of Listening (听力)and Oral (口试), which has been completed.
You may not bring your E-Dictionary for Papers 2 and 3.

Integrated Humanities (Geography) 
1. Data Response Questions (e.g. climograph, tables, graphs etc)

2. Tropical Rainforest
- What is deforestation
- Causes of deforestation
- Impacts of deforestation
- Measures to manage rate of deforestation (including successes and challenges)

3. Energy Resources
- Types of energy resources (renewable and non-renewable)
- Uses of energy
- Environmental impacts of using fossil fuel
- Energy Crisis (Causes)

-All 3 topics (Health Science, Transportation Science and Environmental Science) will be tested.
-Please read your notes (and homework for ENV Sci) to study for EOY.
-Actual breakdown of marks has not yet been revealed.

I believe that all the information is correct at the time of the posting. If you notice any mistakes, please comment below

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