Wednesday, September 13, 2017

S1-05 Joywork on 13 September, 2017

Hi guys! I am really sorry that I forgot to do the class blog today until now. This is the joywork!

-Reading Journal. If you have not done any of the reading journals, please do it ASAP. Latest one is the IN section
-Eyewitness report on pond star. This is in the eyewitness report handout given (Due next Monday)
-Eyewitness report on ACS(I) rugby fight. Those who have not done it with your partner, please do it on google documents and submit it into the google drive Yu Xin shared ASAP.
-IDPT video podcast. Those who have not done this, please complete it and post it on the LA blog ASAP

-Complete the 2015 EOY practice paper and worksheet on direct and inverse proportions when you are free. I am not sure of the due date.

-Please do the revision worksheets on health science and transportation science. Please do at least 3 practices before T4W2 when Mr Lim comes back. Best just do all.

-We should complete our Environmental issues Ibook, infographic and country case study (i think the google slides) by around next Friday.

-When you are free, please complete the History EOY practice and summary tables of deforestation (optional).

-Please pass your ADMT worksheet ASAP to Madhulika. The parts mostly graded are the middle two pages, so please get them done and do it properly.
-Please complete you ADMT design journal, animated infographic and physical prototype by T4W2 with your group.

That is all (i think). Really sorry i have not posted this earlier. Stay hydrated, get lots of sleep and revice till EOY!!!


  1. Sorrry I forgot about chinese!
    -Complete 第14课 worksheet
    -Comeplete EOY practice, due next tuesday

  2. Those who take other languages, please post them on the comments below!

  3. Please bring your Chinese 1A workbook if you have not handed it up yet. Also, please put the ADMT 3M forms in Ms Neubronner's pigeon hole by tomorrow.


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