Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Joywork for 3rd October

Hi Guys

There is technically not much homework.
Do not worry about the I&E bazaar for now as you should be focusing on exams.
If you had not completed homework in the past, DO IT AFTER EXAMS.

Remember to stay hydrated for tomorrow's Language Arts paper. Remember what Mrs Jang has taught you.

Sleep early, rest and do not get sick.

Tomorrow--Language Arts

4th October(Thursday)--Mother Tongue
**(Please study for your respective subjects. For Chinese, remember what Mdm Yeo has said on what to revise.)

5th October(Friday)-- Geography
**( Remember to revise on causes and effects of deforestation and measures to manage it as well as the general energy topic and the different types of energy, how they are harnessed, country examples, advantage/disadvantage and Singapore context.)

8th October(Monday)--Math
**(Remember you don't have to revise for this paper this week as there is still the weekends and Friday after GEography exams)

9th October(Tuesday)--Science
**( There is a lot to revise and try to put in more effort. If you know your weak, consider asking the teachers or revising more)

10th October(Wednesday)--Listening Comprehension for Language Arts and Mother Tongue 
**(Sleep early on Tuesday so you can feel fresh and more attentive.)

Good luck for you rexams. Don't feel stressed and just be happy:)

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