Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mathematics :
Complete these if you have not done so:
Math LT 2014
Math LT 2015
Math LT 2016
Math FMMS E-O-Y examination


Language Arts:
Work on draft 3 of your Alternative assessment task essay.

Please comment if i have left out anything,

Monday, February 27, 2017

Joywork for Monday 27 Feb 2017

Joywork for Monday 27 Feb 2017

Mathematics :
Complete these if you have not done so:
Math LT 2014
Math LT 2015
Math LT 2016
Math FMMS E-O-Y examination

Nil~ finish your revision paper if you have not done so. Answers are provided in your g-mail. So remember to check yourselves and mark it.

Language Arts:
Work on draft 3 of your Alternative assessment task essay.

Finish I&E corrections for the force-fitting exercise and do not forget to bring your devices that are ready.

Mother Tongues:





Other comments:
Do not forget to bring the ADMT geometry set.

That's all for today, fabulous folks! DO NOT forget to revise for the fabulous level test!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Language Arts

Dear S1-05,

  • Upload your Level Test Practice soft copy docs on this web page by Sunday. Please do not go to other classes' folders.
    Do be reminded that you are still required to print out a hard copy of you Level Test Practice so it can be filed into your LA file at a later date.
    The hard copy is to be attached behind your previous drafts. If you do not have a printer, do email Mrs Jang and let her know if you need any help. Check the email sent by Mrs Jang if you want to know more.
  • Read chapters 1 to 5 of Red Sky In The Morning (short form is RSITM) ahead in preparation for your coming lessons.
  • Do type out your questions for Alice Pung here and remember to bring Alice Pung's books for an autograph!
  • Those who are interested in the Scrabble competition, please come to me after LA level test to give me your contact details.
All the best for your upcoming Level Tests and may all of you pass with flying colours! :)

Friday, February 24, 2017

Class photo Orders

Here are the people who have ordered the class photos, I will be updating this regularly.(this is literally the same as the spreadsheet so all information is accurate at time of edit)

Register NumberTimestampEmail AddressSelected photos$Paid
12/24/2017 22:53:55cheng_lui_leng@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$3, Informal 2(5R)-$36y
22/24/2017 19:12:26melisha_kaur@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$3, Informal 1(5R)-$3, Informal 2(5R)-$39
32/20/2017 20:45:03nischita_srinivasan@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$3, Informal 1(5R)-$3, Informal 2(5R)-$39
42/20/2017 9:14:03tew_yu_xin@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$33
52/20/2017 18:04:17vijaya_madhulika@s2017.sst.edu.sgInformal 1(5R)-$33
72/22/2017 20:21:42arjan_singh_paviter_singh@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$33
82/22/2017 21:58:54brandon_ng_jia_jie@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$33Y
92/20/2017 19:07:48cheong_yan_chen@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(8R)-$66y
102/20/2017 19:08:43chua_hao_ren@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(8R)-$6, Informal 2(8R)-$612y
112/25/2017 10:48:18ebreo_razaele_louis_sevilla@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(8R)-$6, Informal1(8R)-$6, Informal 2(8R)-$618
122/22/2017 21:37:12goh_kai_feng@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$3, Informal 1(5R)-$3, Informal 2(5R)-$39
132/20/2017 6:34:45joel_lim_wen@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(8R)-$6, Informal 1(5R)-$3, Informal 2(5R)-$312y
142/22/2017 20:16:27jonathan_liew_jun_wei@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$3, Informal 1(5R)-$3, Informal 2(5R)-$39y
152/24/2017 12:05:07joseph_chan_khye_shen@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$33y
162/22/2017 21:00:11joshua_foo_yong_yi@s2017.sst.edu.sgInformal 2(5R)-$33
172/23/2017 16:32:45kee_teck_en@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(8R)-$6, Informal 2(5R)-$39y
192/20/2017 13:36:49li_yi_hui@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$3, Informal1(5R)-$3, Informal 2(5R)-$39
222/20/2017 20:43:06tan_chong_yi_ryan@s2017.sst.edu.sgInformal 2(5R)-$33
252/24/2017 14:06:56victor_oo@s2017.sst.edu.sgFormal(5R)-$3, Informal1(8R)-$66


Type draft 3 of essay and print and hand in on sun (idk to who)

dont have

For people who didnt check file- check file


revise the practices

I and E
do the corrections/redo


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Joywork 23-2-17

Finish Practice 5 on Structured Essay Questions. Due: Tomorrow
Do corrections/draft 3 online and check it with Grammarly before printing it. Due: This Sunday
Do the math worksheet on Algebra. Due: This Friday
Revise for Science Level Test
File in your Chinese worksheets in your purple file. Due: No due date
Finish the essay for those who did not finish. Due: Tomorrow (Pass to Lui Leng)
Reminder: Study for your level tests
Comment anything I left out. Thanks!

P.S. I am helping Yan Chen to update the homework blog as he is at the Student Support programme.

That's All Folks!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gentle Reminder regarding the ordering of the class photos

    Hello fellow classmates, I am writing this small reminder informing you that if you do not fill up the form, no photos will be ordered for you.So, do fill it up if want one! details are in the form.
The link to the form is here ☟



Submit your Discus video along with your partner's picture on Google Classroom
Due: Tomorrow (I guess... Just do it as soon as possible)

2014 Level Test 1 Paper
Due: Friday
Worksheet 4.3
Due: Friday

Reminders: Bring your Health Booklet for tomorrow's check-up :3

Have fun! Study hard for your level tests! Comment on whatever I missed ;D

Gentle Reminder on Health Screening 23 Feb

Dear 105,

Please be reminded to bring your health booklet tomorrow 23 Feb for the annual health screening.
Our class is schedule at 1220 pm please be in your S&W attire.

Please be reminded to change into S&W attire during the first break.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Joywork 21/02/17

Math: There is level test practice to revise for your level test.(Due tomorrow)

English: reading response 4 

Science: do homework, chapter 3 due tomorrow


I&E: prepare your device for those who have not done so

Please inform me if you spot any mistakes/loopholes, I have already tagged joywork

Monday, February 20, 2017


Today's JOYWORK:

There is level test practice to revise for your level test.(Due next math lesson, which is Wednesday)

Reading response 3~My father's hand's

Finish your homework~Revision 1

Prepare for your Save the dog challenge tomorrow!

Finish your shapes for those who have not done yet~assignment can be found in google classroom.

That's all folks! Be FABULOUS and have a FABULOUS day!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Chinese Level Test 1


日期: 28/2/2017 (星期二)

时间: 0745 - 0845 (1 小时)



1) 原子笔(黑/深蓝)

2) 电子词典/词典



3) 3-4张稿纸

作文 (情境记叙文)

2题选1题 (2 choose 1)



- 写作之前要懂得确定文体、找出题目中的关键词语(Key Words) 理解题意和确定写作范围。

- 写作时,要将关键词语放置在作文中。

- 写作后,检查关键词语有出现在作文中,以确保没有离题。

2) 外貌描写




Friday, February 17, 2017

Mathematics level test

Date: 2nd March 2017
Duration: 1 hour
Score: 40 marks
Format: Paper 1
The following topics will be examined.
- Primes, HCF & LCM
- Real Numbers
- Approximation & Estimation
Please bring the following resources on the day of examination.
- Stationery
- Calculator (affixed with SST sticker)
- No extra time will be given.
- Attempt all questions.
- Calculator is allowed unless specified in questions.
Good luck for the upcoming level test and remember to stidy for it!!

IH Level Test Topics

IH level test. the topics tested will be the silk road, and the concept of civilization and the trading connections. it can all be found in the textbook.

for those who did not copy what is going to be tested for the level test, this is what will be tested

1) mcq
   a) there will be 5 mcq questions, they are each worth 1 mark
   b) miss huang will be preparing 20 kahoot questions as revision

2) source based questions(sbq)
   a) there will be 2 questions, they are each worth 5 marks
   b) you must produce 2 PEEs to get the total 5 marks for each question
   c) there will be a source for you to read. you must answer the questions according to the source.
   d) the skill to be tested on is inference
   e) there is 2 sbq questions in a worksheet. you can use it to revise

3)structured essay questions(seq)
   a) there will be 1 seq question
   b) the question is worth 5 marks
   c) you need to use 2 PEEs to get 5 marks
   d) you will need to memorise some information about the silk road trade
   e) the content tested is related to this question "what helped singapore to grow?" :
       1) trade and the need for resources
       2) the need for a strategically located port
       3) revenue/money, strong economy for success

thank you and have a nice day!


finish draft 2 of science fiction essay (due monday but recommended saturaday)

NIL (math ws is not hw)

Worksheet given today (due next lesson)

Draft 2 of MT essay

alr due lol but finish the poster and hand in at google classroom

IH :
get ready for the IRS project

Thursday, February 16, 2017

LA Level Test

Dear all,
Narrative writing skills will be tested for our coming level test. Narrative writing skills tests you on writing out compositions (like our level test practice). Please remember to study for it.
Thank you and all the best for your level tests :)

Joy work 16-2-17

Joywork 16-2-17
1.Math Complete task 4
2.ADMT: Finish up your poster and hand up by tomorrow, 2 pm
3.LangArts: Do draft 2 of the science fiction essay 
4.MotherTongue: type out draft 2 of your essay
5.Science: revise for your test on Tuesday.

Thank you, if there is anything missing, do write them down in the comments section.
(I have labelled it as joywork)

Gentle Reminder: Those who have not given me your $1 coin, please do so before recess. Thank you.

Science Level test format and topics

this is the topic and format for the science level test, Good luck!

1.Cell structure and Organisation
2.Digestion & Cellular respiration
3.Transport in humans
Duration:1 hour
Total Marks: 50
A: Multiple Choice questions{10 marks}
B: Structured Questions{30 marks}
C: Long Structured Questions{10 marks}

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Annotate All Summer In A Day and do the plot diagram for it (Scientific Principle and Theme)
Due: Tomorrow

Finish Task 4 (On the board)
Due: Next Maths Lesson
Finish Task 5 (On the board)
Due: Not sure

Complete your worksheet and digitalise your final poster for submission
Due: Friday


Bring your LA File Tomorrow for checking, Study for the Science Chapter 2 Test, Bring your Chinese File (Purple) Tomorrow. Bring Health Booklet for next week (Thursday) Health Check, Be sure to bring wear your S&W attire.

Comment whatever I missed~~ Have fun.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

14/2/17 Joywork

English: Submit the commonwealth essay to the file that Yu Xin put in an earlier blog post

Science: prepare for test

Math: Do the worksheet

ADMT: do the poster design

I&E: Finalise the save the dog thing

Mother Tongue: inform me, and I will post for the respective subject

Chinese: @Joshua: Chinese worksheet thingy

Please inform me if you have found any loopholes/ mistakes in my post.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Joywork 13 Feb 2017

Do the quizzes on ace learning website.

Commonwealth Essay to be completed and submitted tomorrow.

Finish Homework 1 for transportation science

Mother tongue:
Do composition on good habits


IDK again


Do worksheet on resilience

Do the four icons on the10c's or 4r's

That's all folks!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Joywork 10-2-17

Englsih level test compo draft 1 and 2 (hand up on monday)

rate, ratio, speed (hand up next math lesson)
corrections (hand up next math lesson)

Science WS (about transporation science)

习字 (hand up on monday)

finish up the silk road ws (hand up next IH lesson)

finish up the poster( hand up today)
finish the worksheet(hand up on monday)

                         ok bye

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Joywork 9-2-17

Joywork 9-2-17
1.Lang Arts
  Do draft two of level test practise. Due tomorrow
  Hand in digital copy of the AA1 By Saturday
2.Maths: do rate, ratio, speed homework questions
  Refer to math Google Classroom. Due tomorrow.
  come up with ideas for the poster design(bottom right hand of the worksheet)Due next Tuesday.
5 Submit poster on digital citizenship tommorow.

If there is any mistake, do tell me in the comments section.
¡ʎɐp snoʃnqɐɟ ɐ ǝʌɐɥ

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I and E

Dear Classmates,
 Please inform me about who you are working with for the I & E save the dog challenge next week. For those who are done, I have a list below which you can check.
Pair 1:
Dylan and Jonathan
Pair 2:
Razaele and Teck En
Pair 3:
Yan Chen and Yi Hui
Pair 4:
Joshua and Joseph
Pair 5:
Nischita and Madhulika
Lui Leng, Melisha, and Yu Xin
Pair 7:
Ryan Tan and Isaac
Pair 8:
Victor and Me(Akash)
Pair 9:
Joel and Ryan Soh
Pair 10:
Brandon and Sean
Pair 11:
Kai Feng and Yong De
Pair 12:
Arjan and Hao Ren (Ian)
Please remind me to give you the 'save the dog challenge' template tomorrow.
Thank You,


Digestion and Cellular Respiration (Homework 2)
Due: Tomorrow

听写 Corrections
Due: Tomorrow

Sci-Fi Draft
Due: Tomorrow

Finish up the 2 paragraph essay if you have not done so
Due: Tomorrow

Finish Rate, Ratio, Speed questions (In Google Classroom) and write your answers down on a foolscap paper.
Due: Tomorrow
Finish the Alternative Assessment 1 if you have not done so 
Due: 10 February 2017 (Friday)

Have fun finishing the homework~~~ Comment stuff or something if I missed something......

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Commonwealth Essays are to be submitted to this Drive (click to open)

Tuesday 7 Feb Joywork

1. Write the answers for the assessment on google classroom on a piece of paper. 8/2/17
2. Do Alternative Assessment for  those who have not done so yet. 10/2/17

1. Do the composition, 250 to 350 words on one of the 3 topics. 8/2/17
2. Do the commonwealth essay and the sci-fi essay for those who have not done. 13/2/17
3. put all worksheets into your blue ring file. 8/2/17

1. Do Homework 2, digestion and Cellular Respiration. 9/2/17

Chinese: Yan Chen: worksheet and activity book. 8/2/17

Tamil: IDK

Hindi: IDK

Punjabi: Do Page 12 to 14 of the enrichment book.  11/2/17

Please inform me if you have found any loopholes/mistakes or if I have forgotten to add anything.

That's all for today! 👍🏻

Level Test 1 Chinese

日期: 28/2/2017 (星期二) 
时间: 0745 - 0845 (1 小时) 

1) 原子笔(黑/深蓝) 
2) 电子词典/词典
3) 3-4张稿纸

作文 (情境记叙文) 
2题选1题 (2 choose 1) 

写作之前要懂得确定文体、找出题目中的关键词语(Key Words) 理解题意和确定写作范围。
2) 外貌描写


Dear S1 students,

Please find Level Test 1 Schedule below:

You are advised to familiarise yourself with the Test/Exam Rules and Regulations before you take the tests 

@ Google Sites 

A briefing will be conducted on 9 Feb 2017 (Thursday).

Monday, February 6, 2017

Note from Mrs Jang:
File check on Tuesday- all worksheets and handouts must be punched and filed in blue filed, file spine to be labelled with name class and index no.

Joywork Monday 06 Feb

Joywork for Monday 06/02/17

Mathematics :
Do the assessments on google classroom and try to do the maths alternative assessment task.

English Language Arts :
Make your note book neat and perfect.

Science :
Finish science homework 1

Mother Tongue (please inform me of your homework for each language such that I can update.):




Finish up composition if you have not done so

Do the poster on digital citizenship.

That's all for the day! 😊

Friday, February 3, 2017


1) sci fi essay 1st draft (due 13th feb)
2) queens commonweath esssay 1st draft (due 14th feb)

1) Unit 2 and 3 questions (refer to the back of handouts and textbook (due on monday)
2) Altenative Assesment 1 (Due next friday)

1) science worksheet (Due on Monday)

Mother tongue (chinese only other launguage idk) :
1) finish chinese compo notes if you have not done so

Sports and wellness:
1) update video on google classroom. If you dont know the code ask arjan

1) finish up the 2 paragraphs essay

                               Thats is all for today, ppl

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Joywork 2-2-17
1.math (refer to last page of the handout and textbook)
2.science(hand in the science worksheet on Monday)
3.LangArts Do 2 essays (Commonwealth essay and sci-fi essay draft)
4.Mother-Tongue(Write down essay notes if you have not completed)
5.IH (Worksheet, read the article on early Singapore)

If you have spotted any loopholes/mistakes, do note them out in the comments section!Thank you!

Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

JOYWORK on 02 February 2017

Joy Work for today (01/02/17) (1 Feb) :

Mathematics :
Exercise at the end of the notes on negative numbers. Refer to Mathematics text book.

Science :
1. Do science ''Homework 1'' on digestion and cellular respiration.
2. Finish Worksheet 1 (Chinese New Year homework).

English :
1. Draw and upload setting of the story ''pedestrian''.
2. Annotate ''Harrison Bergeron'' by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
3. Finish annotation of ''The Copy'' and bring it tomorrow.
4. Complete a profile of a 2053 citizen by referring to The Pedestrian and using the STEAL method .  
5. Do the plot diagram of ''Harrison Bergeron'' and upload on the Padlet on blogger.
6.Questions and thinking across a story ; Tracking Thinking , Character , Setting , Narrator , Figurative Language and Issues/themes


Finish Principles of design worksheet.

Administrative :
Hand in CCA form if tomorrow if you haven't done so.

Character Education? :
Finish the Handout on ''getting to know you better''.

That's all for today, Folks!

Joyowrk (1 February 2017):

Joywork (1 Feb 17):
  1. Science:
    a. Complete homework 1 on chapter 2.
  2. Math
    a. Complete Math textbook work on foolscap paper (Due Date: 6 Feb 17)
    b. Complete Math Alternative Assessment practice for those who have not completed.
    Upload the video on google classroom (Due today by 23 59)
  3. English (All El work are due on 2 Feb 17)
    a. Do Harrison Bergeron story plot and upload on LA blog.
        (LA blog will be settled and handed up tomorrow)
    b. Annotate Harrison Bergeron
    c. Answer questions on document (found on blendspace)
    d. Upload Pedestrian setting picture on LA blog. (Due today by 5 pm)
  4. Chinese
    a. Complete the worksheet given but do not write out the composition yet.
  5. S & W
    Complete worksheet and submit a picture of the worksheet with the video on google classroom.
  6. Notices:
    Complete handout on 'Getting to know you better'.

    Note to all:

    Please note that Akash, Arjan, Brandon, Yan Chen and Hao Ren will be updating Joywork from tomorrow onwards. Please try to update Joywork as soon as you can so the rest of your classmates can refer to it! Also, please remember to tag 'Joywork' before posting.
    Thanks! :)
    ~Yu Xin